Another Great Blue

Great Blue Heron

Another Great Blue Heron. Captured at Lake Sahoma in the Tulsa metroplex. Captured with Canon 7D and Canon 400mm 5.6 L.

Foto Friday – Egret coming in for a landing


Captured this Egret coming in for a landing on the banks of the Arkansas River. Taken with Canon 7D and Canon 400mm 5.6 L handheld.

The Insurance Industry and Big Data


How would you feel if you got a letter in the mail from your insurance company telling you that your insurance rates have increased due to your social media activity? Maybe they noticed an increase in your conversations about speeding or smoking or something even much more dangerous. How would you feel about getting a […]

Big Data, Icebergs and Janitor Work


Welcome to the sexy world of big data. A world in which data scientists make bold predictions about the future of business. They make millions of dollars and spend their days jet-setting around the world answering the call of ‘big data’. So…maybe it really isn’t all that sexy. Data scientists might make decent money but […]

Foto Friday – Cardinal from the backporch


Captured this Cardinal from our backporch last week. Taken with Canon 7D and Canon 400mm 5.6 L handheld.

Losing Big with Big Data


I help companies use big data to work better.  I love what I do and I love seeing companies and people succeed with big data. That said, I’ve seen my fair share of companies (and people) lose with big data too. Most of these ‘losses’ aren’t due to bad data or poor usage of analytical […]

Foto Friday – Great Blue Heron


I captured this Great Blue while driving around some back roads close to the house. Captured with Canon 7D and Canon 400mm 5.6 L

Opening Up Your Data


Data and data analytics have been an important part of organizations for many years. Companies have had data warehouses for as long as I can remember. Those data warehouses were generally well designed and well managed and was the final destination of most of an company’s structured data. Using the data stored within these warehouses, […]

Foto Friday – Lake View Silhouette


I captured this over the weekend while out driving backroads around the house. Taken at Lake Sahoma during a cloud afternoon. Captured with an iPhone 5s.

Is Marketing Really Shortchanging IT?

budget pie

I just finished reading Marketing’s New Digital Role Is Shortchanging IT. The article had a good premise (e.g., IT and Marketing are fighting for budget) but rather than discuss the real reasons for this current predicament, the author obliquely places the blame at the feet of the Marketing group for ‘stealing’ budget from IT. The […]