I’m an amateur photographer. You can see my Flickr photostream here and the photos that I’ve shared on this blog here.

A few samples of my work are shown at the bottom of this page.

I’m a Canon shooter, mainly because that’s the first body I bought…and have stayed with Canon.  Nikon has great gear too….I’m not here to have the Canon vs Nikon debate…so move along if you want to argue over gear. :)

My photos haven’t appeared in print (yet!) but have been used by the following groups/organizations:

My gear list:

I shoot mostly Birds and Wildlife…and love it.  Occasionally, I get out and shoot landscapes and architecture. If I could, that’s what I’d do full-time…anyone want to pay me? :)

Also, my wife is a wonderful Tulsa Boudoir and Maternity Photographer.

See more photos in my flickr photostream and/or my 500px portfolio. If you like my photography, feel free to support my addiction habit by visiting Amazon (affiliate link) to purchase new or used photographic gear. Or, if you are interested in renting gear before buying, try out my favorite camera, lens and gear rental site – (affiliate link) – the folks at Borrowlenses are awesome. All proceeds from clicking the above affiliate links go to more photographs.