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US Workers losing faith in Senior Leadership?

Management Issues (MI) reported today on a survey by that says that many US workers are losing faith in their senior leaders.  MI reports (emphasis mine):

A poll of more than 8,700 workers by recruitment website found that 45 per cent of workers “did not feel secure” in the C-level leadership of their organization.

And, while nearly two thirds were satisfied with the performance of their direct supervisor, just half felt the performance of their senior management was good or great.

More than half also said they did not feel motivated within their organization and expressed a desire for more personal attention and development.

Those are some pretty sad statistics…or are they?

I think the survey tells a story that many people have already figured out.  There is a disconnect between the line workers and senior leadership. That said, I don’t think the disconnect is intentional…I think it comes from senior leaders not having the visibility into the daily lives and challenges of line workers.  Careerbuilder’s survey even points this out (according to MI).  I do think senior leaders need to make more of an effort to communicate and interact more with their teams, but with everyone overworked more efficient, that is sometimes tough to do.

Some interesting results. I’d like to see the original survey to see the raw results…any pointers to the survey would be appreciated.

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