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Update on my move to Fusemail

This update is an easy one: I love Fusemail.

As I noted in my post titled “Moving from Gmail to Fusemail“, Gmail wasn’t quite cutting it for me and I decided to move to Fusemail for ~$7 a month.

I’m perfectly happy with Fusemail. The feature set is awesome….a few highlights are below.

  • IMAP access lets me use Thunderbird on my desktop and laptop without having to worry about email storage (IMAP leaves everything on the server).
  • Blackberry Access – Using Syncje for Blackberry, I can sync my contacts, calendar and tasks between my blackberry and Fusemail.
  • iCal access for Calendar and tasks. I can use Thunderbird (or any other iCal compatible calendar) to keep my Fusemail calendar updated. I had been using Google Calendar for my calendar, but I hated having multiple logins (Fusemail for email, google calendar for calendar, etc) and it seems like the gcalsync program for my syncing my blackberry and google calendar was having difficulties at times…so I switched.
  • LDAP – Fusemail provides LDAP access so I can use my contact folder from Fusemail within Thunderbird. This isn’t ideal, but it works. I’ve been trying to get SyncKolab to work…this would allow me to sync my Thunderbird address book with my IMAP server and keep multiple Thunderbird address book’s synchronized…but I haven’t got this program to work just yet
  • Fusing of multiple email addresses – I never have to check my hotmail, yahoo mail or any other accounts…fusemail allows me to get the email from these accounts in one locations. Perfect!
  • Hosting of email for domains – Instead of just fusing accounts, fusemail allows you to change your MX records in your DNS for your domain. This will send all email to fusemail for that domain…no more lost emails or checking other accounts.

As I mentioned…I love fusemail. If you have the same problems that I do, check them out at

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Scot Herrick
16 years ago

I looked. I tried. I subscribed.

Very nice service. What was particularly good for me was the synch capabilities with Outlook.

Eric Brown
16 years ago

Scot – Glad to see you are liking Fusemail.

16 years ago

I also use FuseMail, but I am having problems syncing using the Syncje for Blackberry client. I can sync both contacts and tasks but calendar items fail. Did you do anything special in setting up your calendar? In the client I am using the calendar folder name “./Calendar”. What are you using for your calendar folder? Thanks.

Eric Brown
16 years ago

I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble with their blackberry sync product too. The Calendar items work but it isn’t 100% reliable for me. I’ve been looking for ~2 months and nothing….if you find a way to make this work, let me know.

I’m almost ready to go over to a hosted exchange/blackberry environment…it will cost me more but at least it will work.

16 years ago

I have been debating about moving our company email from Yahoo Mail to Fusemail. I’m hesitant of the transition though. Have you heard from anyone who made a similar move?

Eric Brown
16 years ago

I don’t know anyone that has made the move from yahoo to fusemail for company email, but I suspect it is similar to moving from gmail to fusemail.

Fusemail is great (I still use it for some of my accounts…I’ve moved one account to a hosted exchange for blackberry server) and I’d highly recommend them.