Sorry for the title…but I thought it was funny.

In a previous post titled “Rediscovering Linux (via Ubuntu)” I discussed my newfound ‘toy’ in Ubuntu & Linux. Well..the joy of that ‘toy’ has faded.

The joy turned to sorrow after about a month of constant tweaking, updating and configuring. One of my biggest pet peeves was the inability of Ubuntu 7.04 to run VMware on this machine (believe me..I tried to get it to work). The final straw came when I bought a Maxtor Shared Storage II Network Storage device and plugged it into my network and tried to access it from my Ubuntu server. I did get it to work, but found myself constantly changing User ID’s, Group ID’s and re-mounting disks…so I gave up on it.

That old Dell 8250 now has Windows 2003 Server (Standard Edition) running on it. I hadn’t looked at Windows 2003 Server in a long time but I have come to realize that I really like it. It is stable and reliable (so far). I’ve been able to easily setup Apache, PHP and MySQL (using Wampserver) and also have IIS running (go figure…Apache and IIS on the same box). In addition, I have VMWare Player on the 8250 so I can play around with other OS’s and appliances.

For me, Windows is still a much better solution. Sorry Ubuntu & Linux…I have moved back to the Microsoft side for now. I still like the idea of Linux, Free and/or Open Source Software but I don’t think it’s ready for prime time just yet.


I still dislike Vista though 🙂

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