Trusted Advisor Associates on Trust Me

Trusted Advisor Associates has an interesting post today about trust titled “Bad Marketing 101: Trust Me!” I thought the article was worth linking to. An excerpt from the article is below.

Why does saying “trust me” accomplish the opposite? Because it violates social norms, and because it is self-contradictory.

More importantly, “trusted advisor” is something you want others to say about you, not say it yourself. You can talk about it amongst yourselves, hope for it—but not proclaim it.

Saying you are, or want to be, someone’s trusted advisor, is like saying you are, or want to be, really humble.

I wonder if Trusted Advisor Associates gave themselves that name or their clients named them. 🙂 Just a joke…the guys at Trusted Advisor Associates are well known around the industry as excellent business partners and consultants.

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