It is time for IT to change

Time for IT to Evolve

It is time for IT to changeMark McDonald over on Gartner’s blog network wrote a great piece this week titled Everything is up for grabs, making it a great time to be in IT.

In the post, Mark argues that everything in the world of IT is up for grabs and things are changing.

In it, he argues these key points:

  • The enterprise is up for grabs
  • IT’s traditional role is up for grabs
  • The application space is up for grabs
  • The Infrastructure and Operations are up for grabs
  • The IT organization is up for grabs

Jump over and read Mark’s article…he’s spot on.

Everything in IT IS up for grabs…as I’ve been saying for quite a long time.  See my posts titled What’s wrong with today’s IT?Building Tomorrow’s Organization – without today’s IT? and The diminishing role of IT and the CIO (?) for a few examples.

The business world is changing and the old approach to IT will no longer work.  You can’t centralize everything. You can’t control everything.

And the faster IT leaders and professionals understand that, the faster IT groups can restructure and refocus.  I like how Mark says it here:

The possibility of refocusing people formally engaged in operating the IT infrastructure to evolving and innovating the enterprise creates an opportunity to define IT as a new center of excellence around enterprise productivity and performance.

Love it.  Absolutely love it.

Now…let’s hope more CIO’s and IT groups start realize that everything IS up for grabs and start innovating and evolving to become tomorrow’s IT group.

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Joseph Condron

The changes in IT are happening rapidly. Soon employers will be picking and choosing from a global workforce.


Time for IT to evolve – #CIO


Time for IT to Evolve via @EricDBrown


follow this guy – even though he reads my mind – ->>RT @ericdbrown: Time for IT to evolve – #CIO


#baot Reading: Time for IT to Evolve


Time for IT to Evolve: Mark McDonald over on Gartner’s blog network wrote a great piece this week titled Everythin…

Shim Marom

Hi Eric, see another perspective, relevant (I believe) to this discussion, in I think, if I understand it correctly, that it somehow disagrees with your point.


I can’t help but see the repeat of a familiar high-level pattern: most 80s = centralized IT around single, expensive computing platforms early 90s = decentralize IT with the proliferation of PCs and servers mid 90s = movement back to centralize as groups/business units saw costs to have systems and support staff exceeding their budgets plus growing commodity of IT skills late 90s = birth of business on the Internet re-decentralize because of new skill-sets and rapid new technology growth in new areas (web servers, etc.) 00s = .com crash = re-focus on centralizing, cost containment Now decentralizing focus due… Read more »


Your post actually prompted me to expand my comment into a post on my own blog here:

Shim Marom

Interesting and logical perspective John, you’ve articulated very well what I’ve been thinking about yet found it difficult to pinpoint to-date.


Shared: @ericdbrown Time for IT to evolve – #CIO <JB:I see a pattern here, I added my comments

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