It is time for IT to changeMark McDonald over on Gartner’s blog network wrote a great piece this week titled Everything is up for grabs, making it a great time to be in IT.

In the post, Mark argues that everything in the world of IT is up for grabs and things are changing.

In it, he argues these key points:

  • The enterprise is up for grabs
  • IT’s traditional role is up for grabs
  • The application space is up for grabs
  • The Infrastructure and Operations are up for grabs
  • The IT organization is up for grabs

Jump over and read Mark’s article…he’s spot on.

Everything in IT IS up for grabs…as I’ve been saying for quite a long time.  See my posts titled What’s wrong with today’s IT?Building Tomorrow’s Organization – without today’s IT? and The diminishing role of IT and the CIO (?) for a few examples.

The business world is changing and the old approach to IT will no longer work.  You can’t centralize everything. You can’t control everything.

And the faster IT leaders and professionals understand that, the faster IT groups can restructure and refocus.  I like how Mark says it here:

The possibility of refocusing people formally engaged in operating the IT infrastructure to evolving and innovating the enterprise creates an opportunity to define IT as a new center of excellence around enterprise productivity and performance.

Love it.  Absolutely love it.

Now…let’s hope more CIO’s and IT groups start realize that everything IS up for grabs and start innovating and evolving to become tomorrow’s IT group.