The New CIO – a new weekly series

I’ve been thinking about writing a weekly article and finally found a topic that I think lends itself well to this approach.

I’m planning on writing about ‘The New CIO” and covering topics that CIO’s today (and tomorrow) need to be thinking about, planning for, and doing to meet the needs of the organization in the coming months and years.

The New CIO not only has to focus on technology issues but must also focus on business strategy and marketing.  All areas of the business using technology extensively these days…and with Social Media getting bigger and bigger, The New CIO has to figure out how to allow the business to move into the bold new world of transparency while also providing security and usefulness.

I’m working on the first real “The New CIO” article to be published later this week…look for more.  If you have any ideas that you think need to be covered in this new series, or if you’d like to write an artcile yourself, let me know!

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  3. Stuart Oliver Avatar

    As you rightly say, the “New CIO” has a far broader remit on which he/she must deliver. The traditional CIO who, often, was viewed as the technology guru – the person who could turn data into information – is almost dead.

    The role is certainly more challenging now. Delivering to marketing/marcomms business units is critical. Historically, these guys are very unforgiving when it comes to technology – “what do you mean I can't have it by Monday? I must have it by Monday because we're sponsoring a golf championship”. Also, they are far more reactive than any IT department (outside of a startup) has ever been. The combination of their intoleratnce (occassionally) and their ability to react swiftly does not always mix well with a CIO or an IT Director.
    What I think this demonstrates though is that the CIO *must* be an all encompassing role across the width of the business. There can be no allegiances to vertical business units without letting down others.
    I think that a good way to illustrate this is with the marketing/marcomms department again. For instance, they are often responsible for the web presence. This may have a portal for customers which means there needs to be an interface to CRM or contact management. Perhaps you can buy a product or service online too which means an interface to inventory management/ERP and also to financial data. Then, as if that were not enough, perhaps there is a partner or dealer network.
    Failure to consider all of these areas would mean a short life for a CIO. All IMHO of course!


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  5. ericbrown Avatar

    Hi Stuart – Love your thoughts.

    The New CIO must be someone that can easily move between different areas of the business and understand their needs and wishes. The marketing/marcomms team is a great example of a group that the new CIO must work well with.

    As you say, many marketing teams are reactive so how does the CIO and IT group be proactive and reactive at the same time? Lots to think about there.

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