Guest Post: The Cost of Employee Disengagement

This is a guest post from Michael Sebastian, PhD.   Find out more information about Michael here. Anger, fear, depression and fatigue. These are the feelings of many employees today. And those emotions don’t get checked in at the door. A bad economy has many employees feeling stressed out and apathetic about their jobs, resulting in … Read more

10 Habits of Highly Effective IT Professionals

Are you looking to improve your IT skills? Are you a business leader looking to make your IT organization more effective? If so, take a look at Simon Stapleton’s eBook titled “The 10 Habits of Highly Effective IT Professionals.” What are the 10 Habits?  Glad you asked.  They are: Openly Share Knowledge Coach Others Learn … Read more

Flexible Working hours brings gains

Management Issues recently published an article titled “Flexible working boosts the bottom line” that reports on some very interesting research results that says: …a new study has found that greater flexibility reduces absenteeism, improves employee health and even helps to improve employee commitment. The research report, released by Wake Forest University, provides some very interesting … Read more

Mass Career Customization

I recently finished reading Mass Career Customization, the newly released book from Deloitte’s Cathleen Benko and Anne Weisberg (published by Harvard Business Press). The Quick review: Great book with some excellent ideas. The long review (well…not real long): The authors do a very good job of outlining the issues and trends that are pressing employees … Read more