Chris Brogan on Writing

I’m a big fan of writing and I’m always working on improving my writing. I read everything I can find about writing and am always on the lookout for new thoughts on how to improve my writing.

I found an interesting take on the subject written by Chris Brogan titled “Cultivating a Writing Habit“.  Great post…jump over and read…I’ll wait. 🙂

Chris’ approach is a fairly simple method: Read, Write, Write.

  • Read – Read more.  Read everything you can.  Read things that you wouldn’t normally read.
  • Write – Write all day regardless of whether you are in front of a computer or with paper…write in your head.  Think about what you can write and/or how to reword something.
  • Write – Write daily. Write often.  Write as much as you can.

Nothing earth shattering here but Chris does gives us a glimpse into his writing regime.

If you don’t know Chris, look him up…he’s quite well know in the Social Media world and is considered to be one of the SM experts.   He’s a prolific writer and his blog posts are always well thought out and well developed…definitely someone to listen to on the subject of writing.

There are some excellent tips on Chris’ blog…great ideas for improving your writing (and mine!).

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I like Zamanta

In case you’ve noticed the little “Zemified” icon (and even if you haven’t), I’ve started using Zemanta on my blog and like it quite a bit. I’m running WordPress and use the Zemanta Firefox plugin and think I will continue to use it. The ‘suggested articles’ feature is great…I start typing a post and get a list of pictures, articles, links and tags to use in my posts…often times there are some non-relevant items but most times they are very relevant.

What I have found is that Zemanta is helping me to focus my message….if i’m writing an article about ‘perfection’ and getting articles about Calvin & Hobbs, I’m probably not saying what I should say 🙂

If you use WordPress, Blogger or Typepad…check out Zemanta.

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