Finding Value in Data

If you ask 100 people to define the value that data brings an organization, you’ll most likely get 150 different answers. Yes…that’s right…150 answers. You’ll hear a few good succinct responses but most will give you a few different answers with examples of how their organization ‘uses’ data. There’s a problem with that response though. … Read more Finding Value in Data

Measuring and Delivering IT Value

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I spend a lot of time talking to IT professionals, managers and CIO’s as part of my job and as part of my ongoing networking activities. During our conversations, we talk about various topics but the most discussed topic seems to be around ‘value’ of the IT group … Read more Measuring and Delivering IT Value

On Value

If you don’t know, my passion outside of technology, entrepreneurship and writing on this blog is photography.  I’ve recently been spending even more time on that passion of mine…which is OK by me 🙂 Don’t fret though…I still love thinking, and writing, about IT and people One of the photography blogs that I regularly follow is called “A … Read more On Value