Using Twitter Sentiment for Market Decisions

This is a repost from In October 2014, I successfully defended my dissertation titled “Analysis of Twitter Messages for Sentiment and Insight for use in Stock Market Decision Making.” This dissertation was the final step in earning more D.Sc. in Information Systems. In my dissertation, I reported on my research into using natural language […]

Introducing the New Trade The Sentiment – From Theory to Product

Originally posted on Today, I launched the new version of Trade The Sentiment. Rather than just following along on my blog with static charts, you can now access all the signal information you want / need with the new interactive service on the website. On the new site, I have a few free charts […]

My Doctoral Dissertation Final Defense – Almost done

I am now one step closer to finishing my doctorate. On Friday Oct 31, I defended my dissertation. The video of the presentation during the defense is provided below. I now only have to get a few documents signed and format my dissertation for publishing and I’ll be completely finished. The title of my dissertation is: […]

Comparing Sentiment Extreme Entries with Random Entries – Multiple Symbols

This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment In my post titled Correlations – Twitter Sentiment, AAII Sentiment Survey and the S&P 500 Index I mentioned the following: Using my training data set and the Python Natural Language Toolkit’s Naive Bayesian Classification methods and performing statistical correlations using the Pearson Correlation method, there is virtually no correlation between the overall […]

Correlations – Twitter Sentiment, AAII Sentiment Survey and the S&P 500 Index

This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment I just finished presenting a paper titled Bulls, Bears…and Birds? Studying the Correlation between Twitter Sentiment and the S&P 500 Index at the Business Intelligence Congress 3 in Orlando Florida.  Once the paper is formally published, I’ll share a link to the PDF.  Oh….and the paper won best Research […]

Finding SPX Support / Resistance Levels from Twitter

This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment In addition to finding sentiment within Twitter messages, there are other data points that can be found in many messages. One of the key data points is price levels.  A good number of people add their thoughts on stops, pivots, support/resistance levels, etc for various instruments on […]