Seth Godin – You’re Boring

I read Seth Godin‘s post titled “You’re Boring” the other day and shrugged my shoulders.  OK Seth…most companies and products ARE boring…what’s new? Products have always been boring.  So have companies.

I found myself bored with Seth after reading his “You’re Boring” post.  In the post, he writes:

You don’t get unboring for free. Remarkable costs time and money and effort, but most of all, remarkable costs a willingness to be wrong

Well Seth..I agree with you but haven’t you been saying this for years?  Where’s the new stuff.  Have you become boring?

Of course this probably isn’t the most popular sentiment in the world.  But…I’m willing to be wrong here.

Seems as if everyone is enthralled with Seth. His book “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us” still gets a lot of play on the web. You know what?  I thought Tribes was kind of boring and didn’t really say much that hadn’t been said before.  The book actually felt very repetitious. I had a hard time turning each page.  Dare I say I was bored reading the book?

Now…don’t get me wrong…I’m pretty boring myself.  Have I said much on this blog that is unique?  Not really.    But I haven’t made my career telling others they’re boring…Seth has.

Seth – I love ya man but how about something new?  Like you say in your post, “Remarkable is a choice”…make a choice please…start saying something remarkable. I don’t want to shrug my shoulders after reading your blog.

I wonder though…how many shrug their shoulders after reading my blog?  I’ll be thinkin on that one.

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