Using Twitter Sentiment for Market Decisions

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In October 2014, I successfully defended my dissertation titled “Analysis of Twitter Messages for Sentiment and Insight for use in Stock Market Decision Making.” This dissertation was the final step in earning more D.Sc. in Information Systems.

In my dissertation, I reported on my research into using natural language processing (NLP) to perform sentiment analysis on Twitter messages. This sentiment is then analyzed to determine if this sentiment can be used for stock market investing decisions using the idea of the Bear/Bull ratio which is a quantitative measure of sentiment from Twitter. The research conducted for my dissertation is the baseline for the services on this website.

You can view a video of my dissertation defense below (or click over to Vimeo to watch it there).  Additionally, I’ve created a PDF version of my dissertation and I’ve listed it for sale on my Trade The Sentiment website  for $50 per copy. You can purchase this dissertation and read up on some of the research that is the basis of this site by buying a copy for yourself. on this site. When you purchase a copy, you’ll have access to download a PDF version of my dissertation. To purchase a copy for yourself, you can click here and use Paypal or Stripe to buy a copy.

Note: If you are an academic research or doctoral student, please contact me directly and I’ll share a copy of my dissertation for free.

Using Twitter Sentiment in the Stock Market from Eric D Brown on Vimeo.

Introducing the New Trade The Sentiment – From Theory to Product

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Today, I launched the new version of Trade The Sentiment.

Rather than just following along on my blog with static charts, you can now access all the signal information you want / need with the new interactive service on the website.

On the new site, I have a few free charts available for users to review. These charts will always be freely accessible without the need to signup or login to the site.  My hope is that you’ll find these freely available charts valuable and want to join the site to access the many thousands of symbols being tracked and reported on. To access these additional symbols and charts, you’ll need to signup for an account. You’ll receive access to the paid side of the website for 30 days for free…after those 30 days, you’ll need to sign up for a ‘paid’ account, which is currently $75 per month for a short introductory time.

Check out the site. Sign up for an account and dig into the services I’m offering….and please do let me know any feedback you may have.

I’ll be sharing more about the new features of the coming days here on the blog. While you are waiting, feel free to read bout the features and check out the site for yourself.

For now, here’s a sneak peak of the new charts and what the service has to offer.

Lastly – if you do check out the new site and have any issue or have any questions, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help you out.




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