Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

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It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the USA.

I’m spending this day of thanks with my wife, Mother-in-Law and her two dogs.  While we normally spend Thanksgiving with my family in Oklahoma, this year we invited my MIL to visit us in Texas from West Virginia.

While I am missing my family, I am enjoying the visitors a great deal.

On this day of thanks, I’d like to say “thank you” to all my blog readers.  Thanks for making it so much fun to write and share my thoughts.

I really enjoy writing and love the fact that you enjoy reading this blog….thanks so much.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

Black Friday – What a fitting title

Today (the Friday after Thanksgiving) has been given the name Black Friday…and now it is really fitting.

Just ran across a news article about a Wal-Mart worker who died from being trampled to death when opening the store. Apparently the worker was trampled when the shoppers broke down the door to get into the store.

Is it really worth it?

Do we really need to get ‘the best deal’ so badly that we are willing to put ourselves and others in harm’s way?

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