A techie in a marketers world

For those that haven’t heard the news, I accepted a full-time position with the Boy Scouts of America in February.  I work for the Brand Management Department as part of the Marketing Group.  My role is multi-functional – I do a little bit of everything; Project Management, Technology Management, Strategy, Processes (yeah! {sarcasm}) and in general poking my nose into things that I think I can help with.

I’d been working with the Boy Scouts since August 2007 assisting them with implementing Sitecore. Late 2008 we began discussions about me starting full-time and we finally made it official in February.

Working in this new role is interesting for me. I’m a technologist working in the marketing world…and I really like it. I’ve preached for years that IT needs to get closer to the business and now I have the opportunity to bridge the gap between our technology group and our marketing group.

I think its going to be a lot of fun.  The first month has been fairly busy and has kept me away from the blog more than I’d like but I’ve gotten settled in a bit now…should be back to posting more regularly.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the job.

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