Links for October 31 2010

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The Consumerization of IT By Zack Urlocker on GigaOm Quote: In a recent presentation, Lew Cirne, CEO of application performance management vendor New Relic (it’s an anagram), revealed the company now has 5,000 customers and just one sales rep. That’s astonishing. Cirne points out that there’s a new class of customers for whom “there is … Read more

Links for Sept 5 2010

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How Be An Effective Corporate Ambassador by David Armano on Logic+Emotion Quote: An individual who aligns themselves with a larger organization and has established a reputation, let’s say in a niche is no longer representing themselves, they represent themselves, and the organization they work for. In other words, they become ambassadors for both. IT in … Read more

Links for July 25 2010

Transparency creates an information blizzard not an excuse, nor an absolution by Mark McDonald on The Gartner Blog Network Quote: Transparency is a hot issue in halls of legislators and executive offices and something that everyone has to do.  Increasing transparency is part of CEO strategies and investor commitments.  Transparency is the solution to regulatory … Read more