Links for March 6 2011

Lessons From a Corporate Insider: Dream Big, but Think Small by Mark Ivey on MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog Quote: Rather than delude yourself into thinking you’re going to change an entire company, be smart. Start with focused, achievable goals and programs. Think small. People do not want to create content for your brand by Matt […]

Links for Feb 27 2001

It is all about The Customer by Neil Pearce Quote: Too often we in the IT department are seen as being out of touch by other people within the business and make strange decisions where we do IT for the sake of IT are often at the heart of it. This doesn’t mean that you […]

Links for Feb 13 2011

Which is better, thought or action? by Laura Rose on UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley Quote: Everything begins with a thought. Without thought there is no action. The idea of the action normally occurs to you before you execute it. Then your action begets a result. And the result normally stimulates a new desire or […]

Links for Feb 6 2011

How to Use Communication to Establish Trust in Remote Teams by Celine Roque on GigaOm Quote: With remote teams, we must know how to communicate effectively if we want to build long-term trust in our working relationships. We can do this by increasing our efforts in expressing our enthusiasm at the start of the project, […]

Links for Jan 9 2011

Two Things to Remember as You Change the World by Mary Jo Asmus on Aspire-CS Quote: Patience and perseverance. You must have both. Together, and at the same time. In this world I’ve learned that there are very few quick fixes, despite what you might hear from marketers. That cream that will get rid of […]

Links for December 12 2010

Why customer experience innovation matters now by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose Quote: …firms that improve the customer experience, not just in purchasing but in all aspects of the customer’s engagement with your product, service or company will benefit.  Increasingly, people are seeking more than a purchase.  They are seeking a relationship with a […]

Links for November 14 2010

Why Best Practices Are Hard to Practice by Ron Ashkenas on Harvard Business Review Quote: One of the characteristics of great companies is that they actively learn from others. But to be successful at doing this requires more than just identifying and borrowing best practices; it also requires adaptation to your culture and full adoption […]

Links for November 7 2010

Hey, Chief, back your people up! by Dave Grossi on PoliceOne Daily One Quote: What really gets my Italian blood boiling is this incessant need by police chiefs or sheriffs to find something wrong in their officers’ action in spite of the righteous use of force. It seems that some brass, just to appease the […]

Links for October 31 2010

The Consumerization of IT By Zack Urlocker on GigaOm Quote: In a recent presentation, Lew Cirne, CEO of application performance management vendor New Relic (it’s an anagram), revealed the company now has 5,000 customers and just one sales rep. That’s astonishing. Cirne points out that there’s a new class of customers for whom “there is […]

Links for Sept 26 2010

Focus on getting a few meaningful things right by George Ambler on The Practice of Leadership Quote: Effective leadership focuses on doing a few things right. Trying to do too much is a recipe for failure. How do you make money with…? by Christopher S. Penn on Awaken Your Superhero Quote: The inevitable question at […]