Links for Dec 21 2008

Positive Communication and Leadership by Stephen Smith on Slacker Manager A Lean, Scalable Requirements Information Model for the Agile Enterprise by Dean Leffingwell on Scaling Software Agility Social Hierarchies: I had an Experience Like Sheryl’s by Ted Wallingford on Signal to Noise Spark Your Creativity by Thinking INSIDE the Box By Mark McGuinness on Lateral … Read more

Links for Dec 7 2008

Probability and Statistics in Project Estimating by Glen Alleman on Herding Cats ROI on Telecommuting by Jessica Lipnack on Endless Knots (thanks to Bas de Baar for the tip) 5 Social Business Factors? by Jay Deragon on Socialutions Enterprise Infrastructure Predictions for 2009 by John Vrionis on Lightspeed Ventures Research Shows Happiness is Highly Contagious … Read more

What does IT and a State Trooper have in common?

In the case of this Massachusetts State Trooper, a lot. In case you are to lazy to click over, the linked story is about a Massachusetts State Trooper who didn’t believe a lady was pregnant and refused to help her and her husband get to a hospital during rush hour.  To top it off, he … Read more

Tuesday Links – Nov 25 2008

I initially said I was going to post some links every Sunday…but I’m running across some really interesting things out there. So…I’ll be posting Sunday links along with one or two other link posts throughout the week…but…I will not be turning this blog into a link farm.   I’m doing this really to share some excellent … Read more

IT and Business Alignment – Survey Results

Diamond Consultants released the results of their Digital IQ Survey recently (download the full survey here) that provides some very interesting (and surprising?) insights into Business and IT Alignment. Before we dive into the results, let’s set the stage with some basic info about the survey: 456 executives surveyed with about half the respondents being … Read more

Google & Resource Diversity & Immobility

Read an interesting article on GigaOm yesterday titled “Google’s Infrastructure is its Strategic Advantage” (go read it if you haven’t). This post, and Google’s strategy, is a great example of using Resource Diversity and Immobility to build an advantage in your market. If you’ll recall from my previous posts (here, here and especially here), using … Read more