Strategy, Tactics and Hope

What happens when you create the best strategic plan in the world but don’t have a plan to implement it? Lots of wheel spinning and very little progress. What happens when you have a great implementation plan for a poor strategy? Lots of wheel spinning and very little progress. There are tons of consulting companies … Read more

Links for May 24 2009

Hello everyone…I’m back from my trip to Orlando…links are lite this week due to being away from the computer. Enjoy the few I do have. How the Cloud Will Disrupt the IT Status Quo by Stacey Higginbotham on GigaOm Leaders are self-made, practical learners by George Ambler on The Practice of Leadership Bad to Awful? … Read more

Another lesson from Photography

Image via Wikipedia Tracie and I spent Good Friday at the Dallas Arboretum (jump over to my photoblog – OneFour Photography – for some photos).  The trip was enjoyable and relaxing….we spent a few hours roaming around taking photos and enjoying the scenery. While there, I noticed quite a few other folks taking photos….some were … Read more

Connecting IT with Business – The Go Betweens

Oracle’s Profit magazine has a nice article titled “The Go Betweens: Ten Tips for Connecting Information Technology with the Business” has some excellent tips for closing the IT – Business gap. The ten tips are: Create strategic discussions between business and IT Include specialists from all relevant areas Choose team members with great care Make … Read more

Leading IT Transformation

In November 2008 I was asked to take a look at Leading IT Transformation: The Roadmap to Success from Oulette & Associates (O&A) and thought the book sounded interesting…so I agreed and Oulette & Associates sent me a copy of the book to review. It took a while to get to this book with the … Read more

Top Issues for CIO’s

According to Information Week, the Top 10 issues for CIO’s in 2009 are: Customer-Facing Innovation Attacking the 80/20 Ratio The Challenging Economy The Strategic CIO Cloud Computing The SaaS Effect Virtualization Outsourcing Green Computing Radical Desktops I don’t disagree with this list..everything there is important for the CIO’s to consider for the coming year. But, … Read more