When the story is right, people listen

It been quiet here this week as I’ve been traveling.   I spent the week in Chicago talking to clients and refining the story of what I do. Its fun to talk to new people…especially when they are receptive to the story you are telling and when that story is authentic. When the story is … Read more When the story is right, people listen

CIO’s – what’s your team’s story?

In my post earlier this week, I spoke, or more accurately typed, about the importance of story. I wonder if there are any CIO’s and IT leaders out there that read that and wondered about their story?  Their personal story…and their IT group story. Have you thought about what the story is for your IT … Read more CIO’s – what’s your team’s story?

The importance of story

I love a good story. I love to read a good story and I love to create stories…although they may not always be “good.:) In fact, I love a good story so much that I’m researching the topic of stories and storytelling as a mechanism for knowledge capture & transfer within project teams.  See a … Read more The importance of story

Links for May 23 2010

You’re Just the Founder « Steve Blank A great reminder to everyone that what you do today might just come back around to bite you in the future. Applying Behavioral Economics to Reduce Project Failures by Chris Curran on CIO Dashboard Very interesting take on using Behavioral Economics Theory to help with Project decision making. … Read more Links for May 23 2010