The Future of IT & the CIO – Redux of the Dodo?

The future of the information technology group  has been determined…and it doesn’t look good. See that bird over there? That’s the Dodo.  He’s extinct. Will IT follow the Dodo into extinction? I don’t think so…but without some real changes in how iT groups do business, many IT groups may find themselves on the endangered list. … Read more

Top Issues for CIO’s

According to Information Week, the Top 10 issues for CIO’s in 2009 are: Customer-Facing Innovation Attacking the 80/20 Ratio The Challenging Economy The Strategic CIO Cloud Computing The SaaS Effect Virtualization Outsourcing Green Computing Radical Desktops I don’t disagree with this list..everything there is important for the CIO’s to consider for the coming year. But, … Read more