The Insurance Industry and Big Data

How would you feel if you got a letter in the mail from your insurance company telling you that your insurance rates have increased due to your social media activity? Maybe they noticed an increase in your conversations about speeding or smoking or something even much more dangerous. How would you feel about getting a […]

Links for June 22 2014

Cloud security is not an oxymoron Quote: I get it: there is a lot of data that can’t move to the cloud, not because IT managers don’t understand the issues, but because they need to comply with regulations that were designed before we understood the scope of our security problems. If you’re in one of […]

Links for March 20 2011

Three Questions that Will Kill Innovation – Tony Golsby-Smith – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review Quote: …innovation runs counter to so many of the standard tests and processes that make businesses (and executives) successful. It’s hard to accept that innovation requires exploring unknown territory via a winding road — you cannot see around the […]

Revisiting Signal to Noise & Twitter

I had quite a lot of feedback from my Signal to Noise Ratio & Twitter post last week. Most of the feedback was positive and in agreement with my argument that twitter can become something that overloads you with a lot of noise. Some folks disagreed with my argument too…and I’m OK with disagreement.  I […]

Signal to Noise Ratio & Twitter

I really enjoy twitter.  There are tons of great folks out there worth following and learning from. But….there’s just as many (or more) not-so-great folks out there too.  You know the kind…they add tons of noise to your twitter stream.   They add tons of noise to your life. I’ve noticed that the noise is getting […]

Links for Jan 23 2010

A Four Step Process for Evaluating Risks in Social Business by Jacob Morgan on CloudAve Quote: I just finished reading “The New Supply Chain Agenda,” by Reuben E. Slone, J. Paul Dittmann, and John T. Mentzer which is a great book for anyone interested in supply chain management. One of the chapters in the book […]

Links for December 26 2010

Social Media Marketing Won’t Fix Your Infrastructure Problem by David Armano on Logic+Emotion Quote: Every business has a series of systems and infrastructure in place to keep it running. Even if the goal is to EVOLVE the communications/marketing arm of your organization because you fundamentally believe that the game is changing—there is no way to […]

Social Media – Driving changes for IT?

This was originally posted on InfoBoom.  Reposting here for my regular readers. I recently wrote a post titled Social – A Culture, not a tool that describes a “light bulb moment” that a friend of mine had when thinking about Social media’s use in marketing and PR. In that post, I outline how a friend […]

Recommended books for the CIO / IT Leaders for 2011

We are quickly coming up to the end of 2010.  Most people are winding down for the holidays….perfect time to grab a few good books during the down time. Below are some books that I think would be perfect reading for everyone in IT, IT Leadership roles and any/all CIO’s. Heck…most would be good reading […]

Links for Dec 19 2010

Unlocking the Mayor Badge of Meaninglessness by Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review Quote: Social media needs to enlarge its blinkered, myopic perspective on what the social really means. Trivialization, dehumanization, enslaved by the promise of a point, a badge, or a trophy, another friend, follower, or fan — that’s the very definition of antisocial […]