Links for July 21 2013

Creating an Open, Transparent Organization through Social | Enterprise Social Software Blog | Socialtext Quote: Not only can social break down the walls between departments, but a social solution can help break down the hierarchies too. Turning one-way communication into meaningful discussions between executives and employees isn’t a quick change Cloud: The Testing Ground for […]

Links for April 15 2012

“The honeymoon is over” by Lisa Breytspraak Jasper Quote: So now the magic question… how does a CIO continue the honeymoon indefinitely? I suggest the following: Before the honeymoon is over, definitely within that 6-12 month mark, that CIO better be coming to his or her business partners with real ideas on how they can […]

Book Review: Humanize

I received a copy of Humanize from the authors.  I don’t recall there being a request for me to review the book…but I feel obligated to do so…especially since it is one of the best books on ‘social’ and ‘business’ that I’ve read. The full title of this book is Humanize – How people-centric organizations […]