Seth Godin – You’re Boring

I read Seth Godin‘s post titled “You’re Boring” the other day and shrugged my shoulders.  OK Seth…most companies and products ARE boring…what’s new? Products have always been boring.  So have companies. I found myself bored with Seth after reading his “You’re Boring” post.  In the post, he writes: You don’t get unboring for free. Remarkable … Read more

Guy Kawasaki – Reality Check

Last week I was looking for something to read on my Kindle and saw Guy Kawasaki‘s new book titled Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition. Long title huh? I’ve read most of what Guy has written in the past so I figured this would be a good book too.  … Read more

Links for March 1 2009

Is Marketing Evil? by Seth Godin Process Improvement – Been there, done that. Have you Really? by Glenn Whitfield on IT Business Alignment (IT2B) 6 Ways To Beat Any Project Planning by Bas de Baar on Project Shrink Who Gets To Make Decisions In Your IT Shop? by Dr. Jim Anderson on The Business of … Read more

Links for Feb 22 2009

Success without failure is impossible. . . by Alexander Muse on Texas Startup Blog Top 10 Outsourcing Trends by Small Businesses in 2009 by Amit Mullerpattan on Small Business Trends CMOs Don’t Get Customer Service??? Yikes! by Ted Mininni on Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix Software Estimating by Glen Alleman on Herding Cats Great leadership is … Read more

Hiding behind your Role

A recent article by J Schwan at The Technology Edge titled “Stop Hiding Behind your Role and Get it Done” has an interesting spin on the world of technology and getting things done.  J Schwan writes: …in order for a project to succeed we need to stop hiding behind our roles and get back to … Read more