Understanding Twitter Sentiment for Investing Decisions

Its been quiet over the last few weeks on here for a reason…

I’ve been finalizing my Dissertation Proposal.

Yesterday (Wed Oct 26th), I successfully defended my proposal. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am now officially in the dissertation phase.

While preparing/rehearsing for the defense, I had the foresight to record one my rehearsals and thought I’d share it with you….be forewarned – its roughly 30 minutes long.  If you’d rather just look at my slides, feel free to jump over to SlideShare to review the slides titled “Understanding Twitter Sentiment for Investing Decisions“.

Now…the video.  You’ll have to excuse some of my pauses and “uh” moments – i delivered the final result much better…I promise 🙂

Understanding Twitter Sentiment for Investing Decisions from Eric D Brown on Vimeo.

The Slides (embedded from Slideshare):

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