The challenge of Mobility and Enterprise Security

First it was laptop computers, now its tablets. The enterprise is getting more mobile and IT groups have to find ways to ensure security can keep up. This mobile world has always brought challenges to the IT group. While IT worries about security and management of these mobile devices, the business is concerned with productivity … Read more

Education – the key for Enterprise Security

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. You’ve spent years and millions of dollars on your IT Security systems, processes and people. Your systems are as impenetrable as you, your team and your partners can make them. Your processes are amazing.  They follow all the industry standards and your audits always come back 100% ‘secure’. … Read more

2011 State of the CSO

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. The 8th Annual CSO Magazine State of the CSO report was released last month – I finally got my hands on a copy.  Thanks Colin! Sidenote: Nice timing on finding this report since October is Cyber Security Month….read more on getting prepared for Cyber Security Month in Jerry Bishop’s … Read more

Enterprise Risk Management Survey

I recently ran across a survey by Accretive Solutions (formerly Horn Murdock Cole, Dickson Allan, BF Consultants, and CFO Service) discussing the results of an Enterprise Risk Management Survey commissioned by Accretive Solutions and conducted by Harris Interactive.  The results aren’t necessarily surprising but are interesting. Before we get to the results, for those that … Read more