Embrace your community

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled Open Source, The Enterprise and The Community where I wrote about embracing the community that exists within your organization and in the open source community. In that post, I mentioned the Boy Scouts of America and how their magazine group uses WordPress.com’s VIP hosting platform for Boys’ Life magazine’s Boyslife.org … Read more

A techie in a marketers world

For those that haven’t heard the news, I accepted a full-time position with the Boy Scouts of America in February.  I work for the Brand Management Department as part of the Marketing Group.  My role is multi-functional – I do a little bit of everything; Project Management, Technology Management, Strategy, Processes (yeah! {sarcasm}) and in … Read more

Boy Scouts CIO Interviewed on Enterprise Leadership

Tom Parish has interviewed Nathan Langston, Chief Information Officer (CIO), of the Boy Scouts of America on Enterprise Leadership Online.   The interview, titled Nathan Langston, CIO for Boy Scouts of America:Achieving Business Impact, provides an interesting interview of a senior leader of the Boy Scouts.