GM is replacing my car

I have an official offer to replace my Saturn Aura..

I can select from any GM product and have settled on a Saab 93.   We’ll see how the process goes- but so far it has been very easy.   It has looked like this:

  1. Pick out car with same/close MSRP
  2. Find dealership willing to get involved
  3. Find exact car you want & get VIN
  4. Provide GM with the VIN #
  5. Paperwork is completed.
  6. Surrender old car, sign for new car.

I’ve been working with Sewell Saab in Plano and have to say…absolutely first rate organization so far.  I think I may stick with the Sewell family for all my vehicle shopping in the future.

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Saturn Aura – Final Update??

Well…it looks like Saturn might be doing the right thing now.

Just received a call from Saturn’s National Assistance Center and was told that they will replace my car and that the paperwork is getting prepared now.

I hope to have a reliable car soon!

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Saturn Aura Problem – Update #5

For background, see here, here, here, here and here.

Car has been in the shop for a week now with no response from the dealership. Saturn National Assistance has called me twice and both times have said that they can’t get the dealer’s service department on the line.

My letter demanding Saturn fix this car within 30 days (as per the requirement of Texas Lemon Law) is being mailed today.

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Saturn Aura Problem – Update #4

For background, see here, here, here and here.

The car is back in the shop….waiting to hear from the dealership on the prognosis.

FYI – I’m filing the Texas Lemon Law complaint form very soon.

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Saturn Aura Problem – Update #3

For background, see here, here and here.

I picked up my Saturn Aura today from Saturn of Plano…so far, so good.

I received a call today at ~3:30 telling me that they received the replacement PCM but they had been told by GM not to replace it and to give me my car back without fixing it because they hadn’t fully diagnosed it. Luckily, the Service Manager has a little bit more client focus and forced the issue and the dealership replaced the PCM (so they said…I did see the old PCM…or at least an old PCM).

I guess good ol’ GM doesn’t care that this problem is potentially life-threatening…what would happen if it had stalled and I lost power while driving down the highway?

My next step is to make sure that GM/Saturn Corporate know what a horrible experience this has been and to raise the visibility of this issue (3 trips to the shop with the 3rd trip being a day short of 2 weeks in length).

When I buy a car, I don’t expect to be treated any differently than anyone else…but I do expect the dealership/manufacturer to treat me like they actually cared about my business.  I also trust them to fix the problem…but GM/Saturn has lost that trust now.

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Saturn Aura Problem – Update #2

For background, see here and here.

Received a call Monday afternoon (December 10) and was told that the tool that the dealership was waiting on had arrived and they have narrowed the problem down to the PCM.

They ordered a new part for overnight delivery and would be installing it today (Tuesday).

I’ve been promised a call from the dealership when the part arrives and then later in the day when they have some news on the progress.

Looks like things are moving forward.

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