UTD Project Management Symposium

Just a reminder…the 2nd Annual University of Texas Project Management Symposium is today and tomorrow (August 18 & 19). Yours truly will be presenting at 4:40 today….the topic will be “Project Management and the Stockholm Syndrome”. I hope to be able to link to my paper and presentation after the symposium. Related articles by Zemanta … Read more

Presenting at the 2nd Annual Project Management Symposium at UTD

I’ve been holding off on this announcement until I finished the paper (mainly to make sure I actually finished it!). I’ll be speaking at University of Texas at Dallas’ 2nd Annual Project Management Symposium on August 18-19 in Richardson, TX.  I’ll be presenting in the Project Management Methods – A (Track 3) on August 18 … Read more

From Project Manager to IT Leader

One thing that I’ve heard often is that a project manager role is a good thing for your career and will help your ascent up the ladder to more responsibility. I’m wondering how often this actually occurs. I’ve met a lot of Project Managers who have been PM’s for years and have had very little … Read more

The Strategic Project Leader

I just finished reading The Strategic Project Leader: Mastering Service-Based Project Leadership by Jack Ferraro….not a bad book. In section two of his book, Mr. Ferraro writes: In project management, leadership is desperately needed; leadership that is adaptable, perceptive, timely, meaningful, authentic, and unselfish. This one sentence sums up the core of The Strategic Project … Read more

The Problem(s) with Linear Thinking

Question: Want to know one of my pet peeves (hint: re-read the title of this post)? Answer: Linear Thinking (Books on Linear Thinking). What is linear thinking? A very good description can be found at this website: To continue to look at something from one point of view. To take information or observations from one … Read more