Innovation needs process change

change ahead

Jeffrey Philips currently wrote a nice piece titled “Innovate your processes before innovating your products” over on his excellent Innovate on Purpose blog. In that article, Jeffrey argues that before a company can innovate its products/services, it must innovate its processes if it hopes to build a sustainable edge via innovation over its competition. When … Read more Innovation needs process change

Revisiting Process – what is the ‘right’ process?

As many of my regular readers know, I’ve been known to say (and write) that I don’t like process for process sake.  Of course, a good process is a good thing. But…what is a good process? Is it one that works?   One that gets the job done?  Or…is ‘good’ measured in some other form? Of … Read more Revisiting Process – what is the ‘right’ process?

Links for October 10 2010

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Motivation Over Talent and Process by by Jurgen Appelo on NOOP.NL Quote: Processes are not enough to make people more competent. You need motivation first, or everything else won’t work. Estimation in an Almost Agile Shop by John F. Bauer III on Midwest IT Survival Quote: In order to meet a communicated business need within … Read more Links for October 10 2010

Personal Time, And Business Process Management

This is a guest post from Elliot Ross.   Elliot blogs about business technology issues for non-technology managers in the small to medium enterprise. Before I go any further, in the context of this post, I am using the term System in the context of Systems Theory that defines that parts may be independent, they also … Read more Personal Time, And Business Process Management

Good People…Good Processes

I’ve said before that people are more important that process. I’ve said it in many different ways and in many different articles.  After every article, I receive responses from readers similar to these: Processes are important. Processes drive the business to efficiency. Process drives execution. After receiving these types of responses, I always have to go back and … Read more Good People…Good Processes