Links for Sunday Feb 23 2014

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What’s Your Story? Quote: Taking our corporate strategy, translating it into traceable, optimizable metrics, and using our data and models in a disciplined and iterative manner will allow us to be the best possible company we can be IT Language Lessons « The Dark Side Geek Quote: So what is the “common language”? The answer … Read more

Replaceable You

We all like to think that we are that one person in our family, team or company that is irreplaceable. The bad thing…most of us are replaceable. Sure…you can try to be the best at what you do…but unless you ARE the BEST at what you do, you are replaceable. Very few people can be the … Read more

To manage it, measure it…but don’t destroy it in the process

I’m a big believer in the mindset that you’ve got to measure it to manage it. If you can’t measure something, its very difficult to manage that ‘something’.  If you want your websites to load faster, you need to know what ‘fast’ means and have something to compare past, present and future measurements too. You … Read more