Links for June 6 2010

IT’s Three Key Organizational Transformations by Andrew McAfee on Harvard Business Review’s Blog Quote: I see companies in all industries using computers to accomplish three broad and deep transformations: they’re becoming more scientific, more orchestrated, and more self-organizing. None of these is complete yet, and I doubt that they ever will be. This is because … Read more

What’s your strategy?

Strategy. That one word can send shudders through many folks.  That one word has made millions and millions for consulting companies and consultants. Can you answer the question “what’s your strategy?”  Can everyone within your organization? If I were to talk to the front-line workers in your organization and ask them “what’s your strategy?”, will … Read more

Ambiguities of Experience – Book Review

While on vacation last month, I saw a review in US Airways‘ magazine for The Ambiguities of Experience by James G. March (affiliate link). The review was a short one but peaked my interest as it points out March’s main question presented in the book.  The question is a simple one…but has a very difficult … Read more

The Small Business CIO

I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading list. Most articles, books and blogs that I’ve been reading have been focused around CIO’s and IT organizations (surprise!). I’ve been reading some great stuff (and sharing most of it in my links posts or in other posts here or on CIO Essentials). The majority of … Read more

Links for March 21 2010

Too Big to Trust? Or Too Untrustworthy to Scale? by Charles H. Green on Trust Matters Preach it Brother Edelman by Robbin Phillips on Brains On Fire Blog Marketing Can’t Be Controlled By a Dashboard by Jonathan Baskin on Baskin Dim Bulb The Key to Strategic Agility by Samuel B. Bacharach on The Bacharach Blog Winning … Read more