Are we treating the symptoms, or the real problem?

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of knee pain.  For the last few months, its been constant and regular and seemed to get worse when I would spend a lot of time on my feet.  My initial thought was that my years of powerlifting in high school was finally catching up to me and I … Read more

What’s wrong with today’s IT?

What's wrong with today's IT?

Last week I wrote a long article titled Building Tomorrow’s Organization – without today’s IT? The purpose of that article was to walk through a ‘what if’ scenario centered around designing the organization of tomorrow without a single IT professional. I’d like to thank those that left feedback for providing exactly what I was looking … Read more

Building Tomorrow’s Organization – without today’s IT?

Tomorrow's Organization with today's IT

A few weeks ago I wrote about The diminishing role of IT and the CIO.  That post struck a nerve with quite a few readers so I wanted to expand on the topic.   I thought about a case study of some form or perhaps an interview or two but then I thought…why not do … Read more

Mining for knowledge in a social word

Image via Wikipedia Last week I published a post titled Mining for Knowledge where I discussed some of the research that I’ve been doing in my doctorate program. One of the favorite lines from the article, and one that resonated with a few others as well. The line was: …converting tacit (i.e., internal) knowledge to explicit (i.e., … Read more

Can we stop trying to run IT as a business?

I really dislike it when I hear someone in IT say that its time ‘run IT as a business’. Why? Because both terms normally convey a sense of importance upon the IT group that really isn’t there. Think about it this way:  Have you ever heard anyone in finance say ‘we need to run finance … Read more

Links for June 13 2010

BP oil spill: Leadership and IT failure Quote: As the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues to grow, reports suggest that several IT failures may have contributed to the problem. More importantly, the spill represents a deep state of failed leadership inside BP. Strategic Moves by Jamie Notter on Get Me Jamie Notter: Quote: … Read more