Repetitive Redundancy and the Search For New

I’ve been reading a lot of new blogs lately. Not really sure what I’ve been looking for, but I feel like something is missing. I feel like I’ve been reading and writing about the same thing over and over (and over). So I’ve been surfing around reading a bunch and really good stuff in the […]

Time for IT to Evolve

Mark McDonald over on Gartner’s blog network wrote a great piece this week titled Everything is up for grabs, making it a great time to be in IT. In the post, Mark argues that everything in the world of IT is up for grabs and things are changing. In it, he argues these key points: […]

Complexity & IT

Ray Ozzie is leaving Microsoft. After it was announced that he was leaving, he published a memo on his blog. The memo, titled Dawn of  a New Day,  is an excellent read. In fact, I’m in awe of people who can write like Mr. Ozzie can. While reading through the memo (yes…I read the whole […]

Culture of Failure?

Do you know Hutch Carpenter?  You should.  He write’s some awesome stuff over at I’m Not Actually a Geek. Hutch recently wrote a post titled “Apple iPad and Google Buzz: Harsh Reality of Innovation” where he argues (successfully I think) that you’ve got to be OK with failure to really be innovative. In the article […]

CIO Bad Habits – Still valid 7 years later

I recently stumbled across an article on TechRepublic titled “The seven habits of wildly unsuccessful CIOs” written by Karen Ann Kidd in 2003. The article is an interested read and provides seven things a CIO or CTO can do to ensure they are unsuccessful. These seven habits are: 1. Acquire technology simply because it’s new […]

I hate consultants

“I hate consultants.” When I heard those words spill out of my lunch companion’s mouth as soon as we sat down, I knew it would be a long lunch meeting. Some background When I was an independent consultant I spent a lot of time in business development mode.  Lots of time going to networking events […]

Linear Thinking and the CIO

I’ve been sitting at my computer staring at the screen for a few minutes trying to come up with a topic for my weekly “New CIO” article.   While waiting for inspiration to strike (i.e., surfing the web) I took a look at my Google Analytics account and noticed that the most visited article on my […]

Do it or Don’t….just stop talking about it

I’ve got a few pet peeves.  Linear Thinking is one of them.  Another one is talking about doing something but never doing it. I’m not talking about ‘not following through’ on things.  That’s a performance issue and one that can be addressed with some coaching and basic management skills. What I’m talking about are those […]

Consultants and the CIO

This is a short one….lots going on this week. I got a lot of great feedback on a post I wrote titled “Consultants – Do we need them?“.  In that post I argue that consultants are necessary…not a necessary evil mind-you…but a necessity for modern day IT organizations. One of the lines of that struck […]

Decision Speed, Performance and the CIO

Last week I wrote about “Turbulence, IT & The New CIO” and discussed the need to embrace agility and speed in order to address the turbulence that we see in business today.  In order to be agile, I mentioned the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) model for use in helping keep agility at the front […]