Foto Friday – The Watchman

See that peak way off in the distance? That’s the Watchman at Zion National Park.

I liked this composition…different than most others you see of the Watchman. Captured with Canon 5D and Canon 17-40 L.

The Watchman - Zion National Park

Foto Friday – Tree and Sun in Black & White

This is one of those shots that everyone would tell you not to take. Shooting into the sun is usually a ‘no-no’.   Who am I to listen to anyone? 🙂

I shot into the sun and captured this wonderful silloutte while at Bryce Canyon. Captured with Canon 5D with Canon 17-40 L handheld.

Tree, Sun & Rock - Black and White

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Foto Friday – Grafton UT, Ghost Town

Here’s a photo taken at the Grafton Utah ghost town, just outside of Zion National Park. We couldn’t get close to the buildings on the day we went but got a few decent shots. This was converted to black and white and a vignette added to it.

Captured with Canon 5D and Canon 17-40 L Handheld.

Grafton UT - Ghost town in Black & White

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Foto Friday – Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park

This is a photo taken at the highest point in the Kolob Canyon portion of Zion National Park.  Taken in April 2010 during our Zion trip.

Taken with Canon 5D and Canon 17-40 L handheld.

Kolob Canyon - Zion National Park

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Foto Friday – Bluebird at Zion National Park

Tracie and I went to Zion in April…what a beautiful place to visit.

Here’s a photo of a Bluebird that I got while out there. Taken in Zion National Park near the Zion Lodge. Captured with Canon 7D and Canon 400mm 5.6 L sitting on my Induro CT314.

Bluebird - Zion National Park

Foto Friday (new series) – Antelope Slot Canyon

I’m starting a new series here that has nothing to do with Technology, Strategy, People or Projects. I’m calling this new series Foto Friday and I plan to share  a photo that I’ve taken with you.

With this new series, I want to share another passion of mine – Photography.

If you don’t know, I’m a bit of an amatuer photographer and run another blog focused on photography called Photography Minute. Over on that blog, I review cameras & lensesreview equipment, share photos and just generally talk about photography.

The idea behind Foto Friday isn’t to republish what I’m doing over at Photography Minute but to just take a second and share one of my favorite photos with you.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy sharing them.

Now…on to the Foto (er…photo…you know what i mean)…future Foto Friday’s will be a basic description of the photo and the photo.

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon in Page Arizona.

This is a wonderful place on the Navajo Indian Reservation…you’ve got to check it out. If you do, definitely look into using Antelope Canyon Tours for the tour.

Photo captured with Canon 5D and Canon 17-40 L sitting atop an Induro CT314 Tripod with Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead.

Light the Way - Antelope Canyon

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