Realizing the potential of IT

McKinsey has recently released a report titled “IT’s unmet potential: McKinsey Global Survey Results” that shows that there is still a lot of work to do to align IT and business. The survey attempts to answer the following high-level questions: How IT can serve as a tool to help build competitive advantage What risks arise … Read more

Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

Web 2.0.  A term that is overused and often misunderstood.  And one that has been touted for years by consultants as the ‘next big thing’ coming to Enterprise IT.  I’ve read many articles and heard tons of people talking about bringing Web 2.0 to the enterprise. But….I’ve seen very little success and it appears that … Read more

McKinsey on Responding to Competition

Interesting study released by McKinsey has just been released titled “How companies respond to competitors: A McKinsey Global Survey.” The study, which is surprisingly concise, has some interesting information, but as all things McKinsey, there is a sales pitch involved.  The main ‘abstract’ of this report says: Management theory suggests that companies facing serious competitive … Read more