Links for Oct 14 2012

The New Data-Savvy Adaptive Marketing – Highly Competitive – software industry insights Quote: Marketers now must be dynamically responsive to change and must more quickly decide what to do. So Predictive Analytics are becoming more important to many organizations that want to derive future views that will guide their decisions, particularly those regarding potential customer […]

Links for September 2 2012

“We want to test bold, new ideas that always work.” – Chief Marketing Technologist Quote: Failure is an inherent part of real experimentation. “We have an idea. Let’s try it. Works? Great. Doesn’t work? Good to know, let’s try something different.” You do your best to construct your hypotheses with reason and logic, but also […]

Links for March 25 2012

Why marketing software will never be like ERP by Scott Brinker on Chief Marketing Technologist Quote: First and foremost, we must acknowledge: the entirety of marketing is in a perpetual state of disruptive innovation. Google changed everything. Then YouTube. Then Facebook. Then Twitter, Foursquare, Groupon, Quora. Apple has changed everything in mobile marketing and apps […]

Links for February 19 2012

The Triple Constraint They DON’T Teach You In Project Management School by Timothy Johnson on carpe factum Quote: An experienced project manager will size up the trade-offs needed to complete the project. You try to do too much (rigor) in an immature (ability) organization with an unyielding culture and… oops. Try to do too little […]

When the story is right, people listen

It been quiet here this week as I’ve been traveling.   I spent the week in Chicago talking to clients and refining the story of what I do. Its fun to talk to new people…especially when they are receptive to the story you are telling and when that story is authentic. When the story is […]

Links for January 22 2012

The Danger of Imitation by Kevin Eikenberry Quote: Observe and learn from others who have been where you are going. But don’t lose yourself on that journey. Who you are is far too important for that. It’s Always About Leadership by Art Petty on Management Excellence Quote: If you’ve been given the responsibility and the […]

Links for January 15 2012

The Human Marketing Manifesto by Russ Somers on Quote: I am not a lead, I am a person. A human being with human concerns….I was not ‘generated’ by submitting a lead form. I was generated by my parents many years back after a bottle of wine. I existed long before I clicked ’submit’ to […]

Links for Jan 8 2012

To Know, But Not to Understand by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent Quote: We rely, in other words, on a random accumulation of localised knowledge about people, their backgrounds and various behavioural signals. What if we could pool all those circles of wisdom together and extract a common currency for evaluating everyone’s levels of expertise, […]

Links for June 19 2011

Why Marketers Should Forget Frameworks & Think Outside the Box by Sarah Goliger on HubSpot Blog Quote: So what’s the takeaway here? Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Broaden your perspective, and look at the big picture. If you just focus on fitting everything perfectly into where it belongs and following exactly the […]

Links for June 12 2011

Creating a Lasting Impression by JK Allen on The Hustler’s Notebook Quote: Be the standard. Create a lasting impression. Experience the new opportunities that come as a result. The Law of Emotional Connection by Danny Brown Quote: So emotional marketing is nothing new. But emotional connection marketing? That – to me, anyhoo – is still […]