Technology Selection and Cultural Fit

technology selection

Did you know that technology selection is about much more than technology? Yep…its true…..but most people don’t realize it. Many in the IT world love to get asked to be a part of a technology selection project. These types of projects usually provide a learning opportunity for everyone on the team and an chance to … Read more

Small Business Technology Outsourcing

I’ve been thinking about approaches to small business technology initiatives and whether it makes sense for small business to outsource a good portion of their IT infrastructure and platforms. Most of the things I’ve read on the topic of small business IT outsourcing has been fairly light in terms of advice for small business owners. … Read more

Are you managing the constraints or leading your people?

I’ve just started reading Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter (affiliate link) by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown.  Actually…I’ve only made it through the foreword written by Stephen R. Covey…but I’m hoping to get a bit further in the book soon 🙂  I can’t recommend the book just yet (perhaps a book review … Read more

Links for June 27 2010

Competition is overrated by Chris Dixon on Quote: Startups are primarly competing against indifference, lack of awareness, and lack of understanding — not other startups. For web startups this means you should worry about users simply not coming to your site, or when they do come, hitting the BACK button. Why Can’t My CIO … Read more