Links for July 13 2014

Innovators overcome the can’ts Quote: Merely recognizing the can’ts and addressing them in advance can help, but that’s not enough.  Doubt and prior experience always creep back in, so even if you can stymie the can’ts early on, you’ll need to constantly fight the same battles throughout an innovation activity.  Because while the innovation team […]

Links for March 2 2014

Midsize Insider: Cloud FTW (For the Win) – How Gaming Developers are Driving a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Using Open Standards, Cloud Quote: We are witnessing a historic inflection point in technology. The power and potential of cloud computing to remove entry barriers and enable creativity is far exceeding anyone’s expectations and its impact on today’s […]

Links for March 24 2013

“Steering your car via the gas tank”, when cost trumps strategy Quote: …the budget is not a strategy, it is not a means of leadership, and it is simply an allocation of resources that should support rather than set the direction of where we need to go. Data science is not enough. We need data […]

Links for Feb 24 2013

“Because that’s the way it’s done” — should a founder listen? by @ASmartBear Quote: Do it your own way, but you’d better have your eyes open so you can address the special challenges you’re bringing on yourself. Once you buck “Their” wisdom, you can’t rely on “Them” when you get yourself into an unusual pickle. You’ve […]

Links for Feb 3 2013

Be Vulnerable – Feld Thoughts Quote: The great leaders I know are vulnerable. Maybe not to everyone, maybe not all the time, and maybe not in all contexts. But the allow themselves to be, simply, themselves. Human. They allow others in. They know they can be wrong. They know they can fail. And they know […]

Links for Jan 27 2013

Placing Strategic Bets in the Face of Uncertainty – Roger Martin – Harvard Business Review Quote: Strategy means making the best possible choices you can make today and then being responsive when the bets do or do not come in as hoped. In essence, the strategist says “this is what I think will happen,” watches […]

Links for Jan 20 2013

Bridging the Chasm Between IT and the Business Quote: The future has to be one in which the massive tensions that exist between IT and the business unit are resolved – companies that find ways to meet the needs of both sides of the divide help to move the discussion from one of risks, problems […]

Links for Jan 13 2013

Ideas are the Core of a Leadership Philosophy Quote: Great leaders lead, with ideas, not through positional power, authority or command. Ideas have significant power to shape the future of people, organisations and even nations. Ideas frame and form our understanding of the world. Ideas inform our beliefs and norms. Ideas drive our behaviour and […]

Links for Jan 6 2013

Open data is not a panacea « mathbabe Quote: When important data goes public, the edge goes to the most sophisticated data engineer, not the general public. The Goldman Sachs’s of the world will always know how to make use of “freely available to everyone” data before the average guy. Michael Fauscette: Breaking “Things” into […]

Links for Dec 30 2012

Amazon: Five predictions for 2013 | Internet & Media – CNET News Quote: Amazon, the e-commerce juggernaut, will likely keep steamrolling every category it can possibly deem relevant to its business strategy Digging In: Founders: Stop Pitching, Start Engaging Quote: Authentic engagement will get you a lot further than plastering your pitch everywhere. Build relationships–and […]