The worst reason for not hiring someone?

I think I found it….and it happened to me. Warning…small rant. Imagine you are a hiring manager trying to find someone to lead a group of IT professionals.  What are the things that you would look for in a candidate?  For me, it would be someone that has the following profile: Strong leadership skills Intelligence … Read more The worst reason for not hiring someone?

Linus Torvalds on Managing Software Projects has an interview with Linus Torvalds that I’d just had to share…very interesting commentary from Linus on managing software projects. In the article, Linus provides five ‘tips’ for managing projects…they are: Find people you can trust. Be trustworthy yourself. Be honest—sometimes painfully honest. You also have to let the others get their say in. … Read more Linus Torvalds on Managing Software Projects

a sense of urgency

John P. Kotter, author of “Leading Change” and “Our Iceberg is Melting” is set to release a new book titled “a sense of urgency” (release date September 3 2008).  I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy to review….and for the most part, I’m glad I read it. The basic thesis of the book … Read more a sense of urgency

Reasons for Resisting Change

Peter Vajda has a great post over on Slow Leadership titled “Why People Resist Change” that is well worth the time to read. Peter argues that the reasons people resist change is that they are ‘told’ to change….rather than being ‘asked’ to change.   He writes: What’s the most common process for introducing change in our … Read more Reasons for Resisting Change

Moose on the Table

Just finished reading “Moose on the Table“by Jim Clemmer. Before I get into the review, let me define “moose on the table.”  According to the author, it is a rephrasing of the old saying “the elephant in the room”…as in…the thing nobody wants to discuss (or can discuss, etc). Jim Clemmer uses a fable to … Read more Moose on the Table

From Project Manager to IT Leader

One thing that I’ve heard often is that a project manager role is a good thing for your career and will help your ascent up the ladder to more responsibility. I’m wondering how often this actually occurs. I’ve met a lot of Project Managers who have been PM’s for years and have had very little … Read more From Project Manager to IT Leader