Links for June 6 2010

IT’s Three Key Organizational Transformations by Andrew McAfee on Harvard Business Review’s Blog Quote: I see companies in all industries using computers to accomplish three broad and deep transformations: they’re becoming more scientific, more orchestrated, and more self-organizing. None of these is complete yet, and I doubt that they ever will be. This is because … Read more Links for June 6 2010

Is Creativity & Innovation enough?

I just finished reading Chase Jarvis‘ post titled “Creativity alone is not enough“. In this article, Chase argues that Creativity isn’t enough for people working in the creative world (photographers, designers, etc).  Jarvis argues that creative folks need to embrace other mindsets (such as being different, brilliant and innovative) to be successful. According to Jarvis, The key to … Read more Is Creativity & Innovation enough?

Focus of the CIO for 2010 and Beyond

I’m a bit slow on my reading lately….so bear with me as I catch up. Just read through the 2010 State of the CIO Survey published by A few highlights: This year, nearly one third—30 percent—of the 594 IT leaders we polled say meeting or beating business goals is a personal leadership competency critically … Read more Focus of the CIO for 2010 and Beyond

Culture of Failure?

Do you know Hutch Carpenter?  You should.  He write’s some awesome stuff over at I’m Not Actually a Geek. Hutch recently wrote a post titled “Apple iPad and Google Buzz: Harsh Reality of Innovation” where he argues (successfully I think) that you’ve got to be OK with failure to really be innovative. In the article … Read more Culture of Failure?

Links for Feb 20 2010

Talent: Develop Strengths or Weaknesses? Yes. by Steve Roesler on All Things Workplace 5 Tips for Improving the Synergy between Marketing and IT by Jenn Steele on HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog Learn to Ask Better Questions by John Baldoni on The IT Security Balancing Act by Mike Schaffner on Beyond Blinking Lights and … Read more Links for Feb 20 2010

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