Simple, Fast and Leveraged – Reasons to move to the cloud?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I just finished watching an interview titled Cloud benefits are speed, simplicity and resource leverage on the Enterprise CIO Forum website with Joel Dobbs, Vice President of IT at Eisai Corporation of North America. In the interview, Mr. Dobbs shares his view of cloud computing … Read more

I own the technology, you own the content

“I own the technology, you own the content” Those eight words are shared every single day between an IT professional and a Marketing professional. Some conversation occurs and the CIO tells the CMO “I own the technology, you own the content”. What the CIO means is fairly simple..and understandable too. The IT group ‘owns’ the … Read more

Rescued by the Fosbury Flop?

In 1968, Dick Fosbury won the Olympic Gold Medal for the High Jump. While winning the gold, Fosbury popularized the “Fosbury Flop“….a style of approaching and clearing the high jump bar that hadn’t been used previously. Prior to the ’68 Olympic games, most high jumpers used ‘the straddle’, the ‘western roll‘ or some other style … Read more

Application Modernization – Replace, Rewrite or Replumb?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. In my last post on application modernization, titled Application Modernization – “Plumbing projects” or roadmap to innovation & revenue?, I talked a bit about the importance of  how modernization projects can deliver value to organizations. In many application modernization projects, the best option is the … Read more

Sitecore or Sharepoint – which is the better CMS platform?

I’ve been talking to quite a few folks recently about Sharepoint 2010 to get feedback and insight into the product’s current acceptance and usage rate. One key area that interests me is around content management and content management systems. I’ve worked with a lot of them in the past and my two favorites right now … Read more

The External Facing Technologist – Follow up

I wanted to follow up to my last post (For Models for Success for the CTO / CIO – CTOVision) with a few quick thoughts on the The External-facing Technologist CTO / CIO role described by Tom Berray (link to a Word Doc). The external facing technologist role is one that’s lacking sorely in most … Read more