Are you building an “order taker” or “solution maker” environment?

Dave Brock just published a post that resonated with me. The title of the post – Order Taker or Solution Creator – hits home in the IT world. In the article, Dave describes what he calls ‘order takers’ and ‘solution creators’. The order taker does a good job of working with clients to deliver a widget […]

Are CFO’s running IT?

I just read an article describing the results of a Gartner survey of Chief Financial Officers and their opinions of IT and CIO’s. The article –  CFOs increasingly calling the shots in IT from CIO magazine’s UK website – reports some very disturbing results. Before I report on the results, let’s look at the survey […]

Is the CIO Role disappearing?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I just finished reading a pretty good piece on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled Why your next job won’t be in IT by Paul Muller. The basis for the post, according to Paul, was a question asked of one of his colleagues about the future […]

Fixing the ‘pain’ isn’t enough

Ian Brodie wrote a nice piece last week titled Why “Finding the Pain” is a bad strategy that resonated with me. The approach that many companies and consultants take with clients and potential clients is to ‘find the pain’ and provide services to fix this ‘pain’. I’ve taken this approach many times myself with much […]

Destroying Customer Goodwill – with Technology

Sunday night, Tracie and I wanted a good hamburger.  We didn’t want to go out…and we didn’t have any hamburger meat at home. So…being the clever person I am, I decided I needed to 1) drive out and pick something up or 2) figure out how to make hamburgers appear from nothingness. I haven’t got […]

Not What, but How – Connecting IT and the Business

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Bill Laberis had an interesting article on the Enterprise CIO Forum in late April titled Connecting IT and the business. In the article, Bill points to the latest State of the CIO survey and that survey’s two top priorities for CIO’s in the next […]

Simple, Fast and Leveraged – Reasons to move to the cloud?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I just finished watching an interview titled Cloud benefits are speed, simplicity and resource leverage on the Enterprise CIO Forum website with Joel Dobbs, Vice President of IT at Eisai Corporation of North America. In the interview, Mr. Dobbs shares his view of cloud computing […]

I own the technology, you own the content

“I own the technology, you own the content” Those eight words are shared every single day between an IT professional and a Marketing professional. Some conversation occurs and the CIO tells the CMO “I own the technology, you own the content”. What the CIO means is fairly simple..and understandable too. The IT group ‘owns’ the […]

Rescued by the Fosbury Flop?

In 1968, Dick Fosbury won the Olympic Gold Medal for the High Jump. While winning the gold, Fosbury popularized the “Fosbury Flop“….a style of approaching and clearing the high jump bar that hadn’t been used previously. Prior to the ’68 Olympic games, most high jumpers used ‘the straddle’, the ‘western roll‘ or some other style […]

Application Modernization – Replace, Rewrite or Replumb?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. In my last post on application modernization, titled Application Modernization – “Plumbing projects” or roadmap to innovation & revenue?, I talked a bit about the importance of  how modernization projects can deliver value to organizations. In many application modernization projects, the best option is the […]