Tyner Blain – “Specializing Generalists’

I just read an interesting article at Tyner Blain titled “Specializing Generalists and the Politics of Agile“that is a good follow up to my “Better to be a Generalist or Expert?“article. An excerpt is: By staffing a team with people who have an area of expertise, but can do anything, you can maximize the value … Read more Tyner Blain – “Specializing Generalists’

Better to be a Generalist or Expert?

It seems like I’ve had this discussion recently with quite a few people…not sure if its because I like the topic or if lots of other people like it to. Basically, the conversation comes down to this short question: Is it better to be an expert (aka specialist) or generalist? Personally, I think it’s better … Read more Better to be a Generalist or Expert?