Links for May 30 2010

You Too Can Be a Strategy Consultant: Three Secret Tools Revealed by Charles H. Green on Trust Matters Quote: The art of general management and strategic consulting lies in the mastery of a few simple tools. Now, despite the inevitable threats against my person made by parties who do not want to see the Truth … Read more

Links for Dec 20 2009

Storytelling on the web by Rob Mills on Carsonified Long Tail Vs. The Blockbuster by Paul Barsch on Marketing Profs Daily Fix 5 strategies for a better 2010 by Mark Riffey on Business is Personal Quality-of-Hire Quandary of 2009: What Went Wrong With Notre Dame and Charlie Weis? by Josh Letourneau on Fistful of Talent … Read more

Links for November 8 2009

Intuition vs. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Some Rough Ideas by Bob Sutton on Bob Sutton – Work Matters CIO and the Art of Decision Making by Arun Manansingh on A CIO’s Voice Before you can truly talk about Change Management, you have to focus on achieving clear vision by Olivier Blanchard on The BrandBuilder Blog The 5 … Read more

Links for November 1 2009

Starting with Trust by Jamie on Get Me Jamie Notter Self-Organization vs. Emergence by Jurgen Appelo on NOOP.NL: Managing Software Development When Organizational Silos Hurt Innovation by Isaac Sacolick on Social, Agile, and Transformation What Should IT Measure? by Steve Levy on No Secret Innovation ROI – Why Every Enterprise 2.0-Enabled Connection Counts by Hutch … Read more

Links for Sept 6, 2009

The Past and the Future of Digital Storytelling from Men With Pens by Taylor The Future of Content Management from assertTrue( ) by Kas Thomas 7 Marks of a Great Project Management Office from Making Project Management Better by Alec Satin Using Social Media to Deepen Customer Relations from Marketing Profs Daily Fix by Paul … Read more