Dissertation Defense Slides on Slideshare

Just sharing this with my readers… I have uploaded my Dissertation Defense slides on Slideshare. If you don’t recall, the title of my dissertation is: “Analysis of Twitter Messages for Sentiment and Insight for use in Stock Market Decision Making.” You can view the slides below or go over to slideshare to view them there. [slideshare id=42427163&doc=ericdbrowndefenseslides-141206130137-conversion-gate01]

My Doctoral Dissertation Final Defense – Almost done

I am now one step closer to finishing my doctorate. On Friday Oct 31, I defended my dissertation. The video of the presentation during the defense is provided below. I now only have to get a few documents signed and format my dissertation for publishing and I’ll be completely finished. The title of my dissertation is: […]

Will Twitter make you a better investor?

My paper, titled Will Twitter Make You a Better Investor? A Look at Sentiment, User Reputation and their effect on the Stock Market, has been published in the Conference Proceedings for the Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS) 2012 Conference. You can grab a copy of the PDF here: Will Twitter Make You a Better Investor? A Look at […]

Understanding Twitter Sentiment for Investing Decisions

Its been quiet over the last few weeks on here for a reason… I’ve been finalizing my Dissertation Proposal. Yesterday (Wed Oct 26th), I successfully defended my proposal. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I am now officially in the dissertation phase. While preparing/rehearsing for the defense, I had the foresight to record one my rehearsals and thought I’d share […]

Progress on the Doctorate – Fall 2010

So the Fall 2010 semester is coming to an end and it looks like I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve got to actually write something longer than a few pages 🙂 This semester I took what I hope is my last course required for the program (it was an E-Commerce course).   In addition to […]

Doctorate degree pursuit update & announcement

Doctoral Studies Update & announcement of my new website – Distance PhD. I just realized that I hadn’t shared an update on my doctoral studies in a while. I’m 2 classes away from being completely done with coursework.  Woot!  But…I have 23 hours of dissertation credits left.  woot? 🙂 I’ve completed 58 hours and have 31 hours […]

My New Blog – Road to the Doctorate Blog

If you didn’t know, I’m working on my Doctor of Science degree in Information Systems at Dakota State University. In the past, I’ve posted updates to this blog about my status but have always felt a bit like those updates (and my journey through the doctorate program) deserved more than just an occasional post on […]

First semester is complete

I’ve just completed my first semester of my doctoral program and I’m ready for a break. I took 2 courses this semester worth 6 hours. The courses are: Introduction to Research (INFS 614) –  This course was a bear.  I did more research and writing in this course than I’ve done in the last 5 […]