Links for March 3 2013

Can evil data scientists fool us all with the world’s best spam? — Tech News and Analysis Quote: Just when you thought spam was under control, a new breed of spammers is taking up new methods to infiltrate our inboxes, search results and social media feeds. Data science could make them very effective. 3 Trends […]

Links for October 7 2012

Managing Expectations is an Art — Gene De Libero – Digital Marketing Strategist and Technologist Quote: I learned early in my career that setting and managing expectations [especially my own] was a skill I’d have to master if I wanted to succeed. It never mattered who the audience was – parents, the boss, a business […]

Links for September 2 2012

“We want to test bold, new ideas that always work.” – Chief Marketing Technologist Quote: Failure is an inherent part of real experimentation. “We have an idea. Let’s try it. Works? Great. Doesn’t work? Good to know, let’s try something different.” You do your best to construct your hypotheses with reason and logic, but also […]

Data Disconnect and Shadow IT

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Yes Shadow IT again. But…rather than rehash the things I’ve talked about before, I wanted to take some time to walk through a few issues that aren’t always discussed when we talk about Shadow IT. The first is Data Disconnect, which I’ll talk about here. The 2nd is…well…you’ll […]

A quick analysis of the #CIO Twitter Stream – Twitter Quality vs Quantity?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been capturing and analyzing the #CIO twitter stream. I’m interested in the CIO topic, have the capabilities to do the work and there are some really interesting aspects to twitter users and messages that I’m enjoying studying…so I chose this particular topic to take a more detailed […]

Big Data, Small Business

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Big Data is a Big story these days and has been for some time. Big Data is a big business too….and will most likely continue to grow. Big Data is a topic that many in large organizations are talking about…as are many consulting and technology companies. HP, among […]

Links for March 11 2012

Hubris and the Data Scientist by Paul Miller on The Cloud of Data Quote: Moving forward, we need both domain skills and data skills. Sometimes those skills may be present within a single individual, especially as practitioners within more data-intensive domains equip themselves with the skills required to continue functioning as data volumes blossom. At other […]

Links for Jan 1 2012

Happy New Year! You Don’t Live in the World You Were Born Into by Mark Cuban on blog maverick Quote: “If you are looking where everyone else is for the next big thing, you are looking in the wrong place” Stop whining and start hiring remote workers by David Heinemeier Hansson on 37signals Quote: Every […]

Links for September 11, 2011

Your attention please by Jason F on 37signals Quote: The greatest things you make and do are the ones that get your full attention. It’s helpful to take an inventory of what you’re doing and then ask yourself where you’re spending your best attention. You can fill your time, but you have to spend your […]

Data Driven…or Data Informed?

I just finished reading Eric T. Peterson’s post titled The Myth of the “Data-Driven” Business. I don’t talk or write much about ‘data’…mostly because I’ve always taken it for granted as something that was always ‘there’.   If the data I needed wasn’t available in an easy to consume format, I’ve always found a way […]