The Data Mining Trap

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In a post titled┬áData Mining – A Cautionary Tale, I share the idea that data mining can be dangerous by sharing the story of Cornell’s Brian Wansink, who has had multiple papers retracted due to various data mining methods that aren’t quite ethical (or even correct). Recently, Gary Smith over at Wired wrote an article … Read more

Mining for Knowledge

In my doctoral research, I’ve been researching ways to improve knowledge capture and sharing methods, specifically within project teams but the ideas can be dissemenated around the organization. One of the biggest issues I’ve found while working as a consultant is the amount of knowledge that I walk away with after a project is complete. … Read more

Super Crunchers

I picked up Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-By-Numbers is the New Way to be Smart by Ian Ayres while on vacation…it looked like an interesting read…and it was. The entire book is based on showing the reader how organizations are using statistics, data mining and regression analysis to determine how to better run their businesses and/or … Read more