Saturn Aura Problem – Update #2

For background, see here and here. Received a call Monday afternoon (December 10) and was told that the tool that the dealership was waiting on had arrived and they have narrowed the problem down to the PCM. They ordered a new part for overnight delivery and would be installing it today (Tuesday). I’ve been promised … Read more Saturn Aura Problem – Update #2

Saturn Aura Problem – Update

Background info is here. I *think* the shop has it narrowed down to one computer and they are now waiting for a tool to check connectors for that computer. This tool will be in the shop on Monday and I hope to hear something on Monday evening or Tuesday. On a positive note…I feel like … Read more Saturn Aura Problem – Update

Exavault – Customer Service Done Right

I’ve been looking for a remote location to store off-site backups and have tried a lot of different services and I thought I found the answer with a company called Exavault ( Exavault has two different types of accounts: FTP and rsync. Each account has its strengths & weaknesses and each account is very competitive … Read more Exavault – Customer Service Done Right